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Hi I’m Robert - I’m an Australian Accredited Professional photographer with a proven record for successfully delivering large national and international advertising campaigns. I’m equally experienced in smaller scale marketing projects where budget constrains can often prove to be challenging. I’m organized, practical, creative and able to interpret ideas, concepts and stories through original and emotive images. I’ve worked in such industries as Fashion, Bridal, Tourism, Fine Dining, Beauty & Health, Manufacturing and Film & Television.

I’m punctual, professional and I approach each opportunity with enthusiasm and passion. Send me your details and we can start to organize your next winning advertising campaign!


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We engaged Robert for our Beauty Studio marketing campaign in February 2012 and again in Jan 2016 when we refreshed our Studio. Robert provided suggestions in a very constructive manner both during the creation of the storyboard and during the actual photo shoot. The results were fabulous due to his creativity, professionalism and eye to detail. Again in 2016, Robert did not disappoint, he was very professional, the models were clearly at ease with him and he was able to capture exactly what we were seeking.

Robert has a very consultative approach, always very professional making sure that the outcome is what his clients are looking for. We highly recommend Robert for any organisation seeking someone with passion, creativity, integrity and eye for detail.

Anita Gambrill, Director

Robert Coppa Accredited Commercial & Advertising Photographer

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